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Get To Know Us: The BCM is a student club and a ministry to students, but we also have a building connected to campus where a lot of that ministry happens.  We play often (could be disc golf, ultimate frisbee, 9 square in the air, ping pong, pool, can jam, cornhole, cards, board games, etc.), we eat just as often (most every semester we have a weekly lunch provided by local churches). We help students grow in Christian faith, we give students a chance to serve, we love to introduce students to Jesus, and we also sponsor retreats, mission trips and worship. There is no membership process, no dues, and no high pressure.  We really just want to help you be the best student you can be; spiritually, socially, academically, and personally. First things first, click on this LINK to a google form that will simply tell us who you are and what stuff you might like to do at the BCM.

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Drop by the Building: The BCM really is a ministry and a group of students first and foremost, but there is no denying having a building for students to use is a pretty great deal.  The building is on the main campus behind the baseball field (signs on campus will point you in the right direction).  You can come and hang out between classes, meet friends for lunch, or play a game of basketball.  You can usually find a quiet corner to study or nap in.  You can also find a bible study, student-led worship, or find info on a mission trip.  The building is open most any day school is open.  It has most of the comforts of home with some extras including a kitchen, bathrooms with showers, a lounge, great wifi, pool, ping pong, and foosball tables, hammocking garden, a video game room, a firepit, computer & printer access, a library, and a prayer room.

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Discover How You Fit Best: We want every student to know there is a great fit for them at the BCM.  We are a ministry supported by Baptist Churches and we want to encourage students to grow in their faith as they grow academically and personally while at Walters State.  That being said, the BCM warmly welcomes students of all church backgrounds or no background at all.  Some students drop in once a week to play a few games of Ping Pong or eat lunch, others look forward to regular weekly Bible study, and others are at the BCM everyday making it their home away from home.  Some students can't wait to find a community to encourage their Christian faith while other students just enjoy having a place to hang out with friends.  Let us get to know you and help you find how you uniquely belong at the BCM.

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Learning to Serve:  Every student is different and for many a Bible study, lunch, or relaxing between classes is all they will have time for or interest in.  But, the BCM is a student-led ministry and there are opportunities for students to lead, teach and serve if they want.  The BCM has a student leadership team where students can develop skills and help plan, organize and accomplish our ministry goals.  We also connect students with local service and ministry projects.  Finally, we try to give students at least one opportunity to serve together on a mission trip each year.  Most often during Spring Break, but occasionally during a Fall, Winter, or Summer break.  Places we have served in recent years include the Dominican Republic, Texas, Guatemala, and North Carolina.  We also work with BCM programs across the state to provide opportunities for you to work in missions over the summer if you develop a desire for something more challenging and adventurous.

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