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"The BCM at WSCC was a safe place for me.  It was a place I could be around friends, do homework, or just relax and enjoy being a college student.  I met some of my very best friends at the BCM and I also met the man who is now my husband of 12+ years! The BCM and the people there made a huge impact on the woman I am today!"


Michelle at the BCM Welcome Week Cookout 2006

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WSCC Spring Break 2008 Charleston SC 'Gi

"My time at the WS BCM was some of the best of my life! For this quiet introvert it made me get out of my comfort zone while having fun and making friends.  I miss the dork ball days, mission trips and friends I met there."


Charleston, SC Mission Trip 2008

WSCC Spring Break 2008 Charleston SC 'Mr
Lori & Taylor Visit January 08 & Leaders
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Guatemala Mission Trip 2014 Lauren Mitch

"The BCM at Walters State gave me community I couldn't even match when I transferred to a four year school.  It gave me opportunities to serve on campus and in Guatemala! The experience for me was invaluable."


Guatemala MIssion Trip 2014

Guatemala Mission Trip 2014 Whole Group.
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"When I started at Walters State I was at one of the lowest points in my life. I was depressed that I had failed out of my first school and had to go to community college.  I was also 26 years old and had no friends anywhere near Morristown.  I had large gaps between classes and I lived in Dandridge, so going home between classes wasn't an option.  I saw we had a BCM, but didn't know anyone that went.  I decided to walk up there one day and you met me at the front door and introduced me to some people.  There were people playing Rook which is my favorite card game.  You introduced me to them and they let me join.  I was at the BCM almost every day after for my entire time at WS.  I probably would have failed out again had it not been for the BCM, because I would have went home between classes and then just skipped the later ones.  I now have a Masters degree in Business Administration and I owe a lot of it to the BCM at Walters State."

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WSCC Fall 2008 'Fall Break Hike Mouse Cr

"I didn't know when I came to Walters State how essential the BCM would become to my college experience.  It was there that I formed many of my most meaningful friendships.  It was also the place I met the girl I make my wife this summer (2021).  I feel a clear call into ministry and the BCM was key in shaping my perspective on the need to share the gospel.  It was a place to be mentored, learn leadership skills and be discipled myself."


West Virginia Fall Break Mission Trip 2016


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Guatemala Mission Trip 2014 Garret & Nic

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BCM Spring 2006 Building, Spring Break,
WSCC BCM 2005 'Said, Aaron, Jared & Ambe
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